EOT crane and HB System solutions for the manufacturing industry


A unique solution to work in clean room and radioactive environment of Schlumberger laboratory in Navi Mumbai

About Schlumberger Limited

Schlumberger is a global leader in seismic and geophysical services for enhanced reservoir characterisation and monitoring throughout the life of the reservoir, from exploration through enhanced recovery. It has R&D facilities in 25 locations around the world. Schlumberger has been in India for the past 77 years, with a research centre in Pune and a technology centre in Kakinada. In 2013, they set up a dedicated laboratory in Navi Mumbai for Q-Marine data processing and integrated reservoir studies. This new world-class facility provides most advanced seismic data processing services through teams of geophysicists who specialise in survey design and modelling, inversion services, geological and geophysical interpretation studies, and integrated 3D VSP design and processing.

Schlumberger was looking for a competent solutions provider who could suggest to them an appropriate handling system. Time was the essence of the entire project. After a thorough verification of our competency to develop unique solutions and ability to respond quickly due to large manufacturing set-up, they relied upon us. Obviously, when we over-delivered, they appreciated our efforts.

The handling challenges at Schlumberger Limited

The project team at Schlumberger was looking for a suitable solution to handle critical materials from oil rigs. There were a few challenges posed in front of ElectroMech by this project.

The first was to suggest a suitable handling system to handle containers carrying radioactive materials extracted from oil rigs through seismic drilling to conduct tests and surveys. This necessitates a crane which is fail-safe, highly reliable and thus requires almost no error and low maintenance.

For the laboratories, the cranes were to be suspended from the existing ceiling and yet provide optimum height of lift. The second challenge was to design and commission the system in a shortest span and adhere to the deadline of completion of the main project.

Considering handling of high precision components which are very costly, ensuring safe handling was an essential criteria while designing and selecting a system. At the same time, the suggested system should be compatible with the overall clean room, noise-free environment of the laboratory

Solutions from ElectroMech

On a careful analysis of the requirement, the ElectroMech team suggested use of seven cranes. For handling of critical components in a radioactive environment, we suggested use of a single girder EOT crane with SWL 2.5MT and 6m span to be installed above the chemical storage pit, where the containers consisting radioactive materials are stored for further surveys.

For the Electronic Laboratory, Sonde Laboratory and MDT Laboratory, we recommended use of highly sophisticated Abus HB Systems which are precise, perfectly suit clean room environment and have a great aesthetic appeal besides demonstrating highly reliable performance. These are dedicated to the maintenance of rig equipments.

HB System is a great combination of advanced technology, economy, flexibility, quality and most important of all, is a very user-friendly product. The greatest advantage with HB System is that it can be installed by suspending from almost any type of roofing or support structure. For the building with a lower ceiling height, use of HB System ensures maximum hook height.

How Schlumberger benefited from ElectroMech solutions

  • Higher workplace safety with reliable ElectroMech cranes
  • Uninterrupted work with near fail-safe design of cranes
  • Complete integration of handling at the facility
  • Excellent use of available structure saved additional expenses in strengthening supporting structure


  • Nearly fail-safe solution for radioactive material storage pit
  • Cranes to be suspended from ceiling
  • Time-bound completion in a very short span of time
  • Handling should be possible almost at every point of the facility
  • Light weight, elegant solution was demanded


  • Highly reliable Abus single girder cranes recommended for radioactive environment
  • Use of modern HB System allowed easy suspension from ceiling
  • In-house manufacturing and competent design and project teams ensured time-bound completion
  • Use of seven cranes and well designed crane layouts ensured complete integration


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