EOT crane solutions that meet power challenges


Successfully meeting power challenges

About Prime Electric Ltd.

Prime Electric Limited (PEL) is one of largest transformer manufacturers in India, catering to the requirements of Indian and international markets for power utilities, EPC companies, substations, power generation, transmission and distribution companies and large industries from various sectors (steel, cement, petroleum, petrochemicals, etc.) using bulk power. PEL is one of the most significant activities of the Prime Group. The Prime Group has rich experience in addressing the most exacting needs of the power sector and through its range of eco-friendly (low noise), aesthetically designed, extra high voltage power transformers up to 1000MVA/500kV. PEL's production capacity, projected to 35000MVA, makes it one of the largest manufacturers in India, producing world-class extra high voltage power transformers for users across the globe. PEL’s manufacturing plant at Nayudupet Special Economic Zone in Nellore district in India is spread over 100 acres of land.

At Prime Electric Limited (PEL) - a leading transformer manufacturer, 18 ElectroMech cranes integrate the handling requirements in their state of the art plant; from incoming raw material to complete transformers weighing 300 MT, through various processes and assembly stations.

Team ElectroMech on the project

From ElectroMech the entire project was efficiently coordinated by our sales, design and project engineering teams.

ElectroMech is proud to be associated with Prime Electric Ltd. for one of their largest transformer manufacturing facilities in India. We have achieved another milestone by adding the Prime Electric Group to our client list. The plant is already commissioned and all ElectroMech cranes are operational round-the-clock, helping them achieve the desired productivity.

The handling challenges at Prime Electric Ltd.

The task assigned by Prime Electric to ElectroMech was challenging in several aspects. ElectroMech cranes are expected to integrate the handling of transformers through various processes and assembly stations right from the incoming raw material stage to the final despatch bay. The cranes were expected to cover the entire length and width of the shop-floor, providing maximum hook approach, reaching every nook and corner of the shop floor.

The most critical part of the transformer manufacturing process is filling oil in assembled transformers. For this, the transformer needs to be lowered into a vacuum chamber where it is completely dried to make it moisture free. Here, precision positioning using the cranes is extremely important. After this, the transformer is filled with oil and is to be moved without any spillage due to jerks. Hence, the cranes should be able to handle the load ensuring absolutely jerk-free movement. As the transformers pass through this process, their weight gradually increases, the heaviest transformers weighing in at 300MT which need to be carefully lifted and taken to the despatch area.

Solutions from ElectroMech

The ElectroMech solution comprises 18 cranes ranging from 5MT, 8.5m span to 150/30MT, 30m span to ensure complete integration of handling on the shop-floor while covering every process station and reaching every corner of the plant. These cranes cover the handling requirements through various stages of the manufacturing process, including handling of raw material such as steel coils and copper plates, operations at various assembly stations, core winding stations, vacuum chamber, oil filling station, testing room and finally, the dispatch bay.

The most interesting part of the solution is in the form of two 150/30 MT cranes which work in tandem to lift the large transformers weighing 300MT, using a specially designed lifting beam. This ensured safe handling of heavy components of 300MT with ease and precision. The lifting beam is designed so as to ensure equal division of the 300 MT load between both cranes, thus allowing the crane structure to be optimized, enabling savings in the factory structure due to a reduction in weight.

How PEL benefitted from ElectroMech solution

  • Integration of various processes and maximum coverage
  • Saving in project costs through use of appropriate capacity cranes of compact and light weight design.
  • Ensuring jerk-free handling of transformers at critical work stations and through various processes.
  • Higher up time of cranes and higher productivity through optimally designed cranes
  • Enhanced plant aesthetics, thanks to the sleek design of the cranes and high quality paint finish
  • Tandem lifting of mammoth 300MT loads by two 150MT cranes providing stability and substantial saving on project cost.


  • Lifting of completely assembled transformers weighing 300MT
  • Jerk-free handling of heavy, oil-filled transformers
  • Integration of handling in the complete plant
  • Lowering of transformers in vacuum chamber required precise positioning


  • Two synchronised cranes of 150MT each, working in tandem to lift 300MT loads
  • Anti-sway device to avoid jerks
  • Carefully planned 18 cranes
  • Smoothly operating drives with inching facility


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