Integrated double girder crane solutions for precast manufacturing plant


ElectroMech designs an integrated handling solution using advanced crane technology for a precast manufacturing plant in Indonesia. Features include crane synchronization, motion sensors, wireless cameras and an air-conditioned operator cabin.

About PT Waskita Beton Precast Tbk

PT Waskita Beton Precast Tbk (WSBP) was formally established as a subsidiary of PT Waskita Karya (Persero) in the year 2014. WSBP is the largest producer of precast and ready-mixed concrete products in Indonesia. The company has successfully executed various projects such as toll roads, highways, bridges, skyscrapers as well as river revitalisation. WSBP manufactures different types of precast products like concrete electric poles, concrete foundation – spider web type, voided slabs, deck slabs, square piles, L-Gutters, half slabs, pier-heads, PC-T girders, box girders, moveable concrete barriers, CCSP, FCSP, ready-mix, full slabs, concrete railway sleepers, spun pipes, etc.

Handling challenges

WSBP was in the process of developing a new bay in their existing plant at Bekasi, Jawa Barat, Indonesia. The new expansion was specifically designed to manufacture large-sized precast segments required for bridge construction. The plant required several cranes for handling raw materials, heavy moulds and precast segments through the various stages of manufacturing, and at the storage yard for stacking and loading precast segments onto trucks/trailers. There was an additional requirement for a crane with a suitable attachment for handling sand/gravel at the concrete mixing plant.

Considering the critical nature of precast segments and their sizes and weights, the WSBP plant is designed to ensure high levels of safety. In view of this, WSBP insisted upon certain features for the new cranes. Usually, the long and heavy precast sections are handled using two or more cranes. To ensure jerk-free and safe handling, it is essential to synchronize the operations of such cranes.

Considering the long hours of working, the cranes were to be fitted with operator cabins giving a comfortable view of the segments being handled. Productivity and safe operation of cranes were top on the agenda of WSBP. They were looking for a competent solution provider who could meet their requirements and had relevant experience in manufacturing such cranes.

Solution from ElectroMech

After a thorough evaluation of the entire manufacturing process and storage yard at the precast plant of WSBP, we recommended using 13 cranes. Integration of the entire handling in the precast shop and outdoor yard of the new facility was possible using a combination of different types of cranes. Out of this, 9 cranes of Double Girder EOT type for manufacturing, 2 cranes of Double Girder Gantry type for storage yard and 2 gantry cranes with grabbing bucket for concrete mixing area were recommended

Cranes with unique features

All the cranes are designed with a few peculiar features such as:

  • Anti-sway arrangement to avoid swinging of heavy precast segments
  • Motion sensors to avoid possible collision with other moving objects/people
  • LT speed of 80m/min instead of usual 40m/min to reduce cycle time and increase productivity
  • Air-conditioned operator cabin with ergonomically designed armchair for operator comfort
  • Master controller using joystick for ease of operation and control
  • Access to cabin using staircase attached to the cranes
  • All crane operator cabins are under surveillance and complete camera system can be monitored from a centralised control room
  • All cameras are also connected to the centralised system, so that production and maintenance supervisors can have remote access

Synchronized cranes for tandem working

Additionally, to ensure safe, tilt-free handling of long and heavy precast segments, a few cranes are synchronized for tandem operation.

  • In the production bay, two or more cranes are required to simultaneously lift larger precast segments. Considering this, 4 double girder EOT cranes of 100t capacity installed in the production bay are designed to operate in tandem. This is achieved by synchronizing all 8 hoist motors of each crane (4 wire rope drum with 2 motors on each drum).
  • Gantry cranes in the storage & despatch yard which are of 50t capacity are also designed for tandem operation by synchronizing 4 motors.
  • synchronization ensures that the cranes travel in unison in one direction and without any time lapse.

Gantry crane with grabbing attachment

For the concrete mixing area, we have provided two gantry cranes with grab buckets. This specialised arrangement helps in lifting and pouring sand and gravel into the concrete mixer.

How WSBP benefits from the ElectroMech solution

Solution from ElectroMech has helped WSBP in meeting their goals precisely.

  • Increased productivity through faster cycle time
  • Synchronization of cranes helps in jerk-free and safe handling of large precast segments
  • Grab bucket attachment saves significant time in pouring sand in the concrete mixer
  • Reliable crane technology requiring minimal maintenance
  • Time-bound project completion without disturbing other operations in the plant

Total number of cranes: 13

Sr. No. Type SWL Span Height Of Lift Total Nos.
1 DG EOT 100t 43.8m 0.0m 4
2 DG EOT 53t 43.8m 10.0m 4
3 DG EOT 10t 43.8m 10.0m 1
4 DG Gantry 53t 45.0m 10.0m 2
5 DG Gantry with Grab Bucket 53/53t 53.0m 10.0m 2


  • To achieve complete handling integration
  • Providing advanced safety features for all the cranes
  • synchronization of multiple cranes for tandem operation while lifting long segments
  • Operator cabins for all the cranes with remote cameras for monitoring crane operations
  • Centralised monitoring of all crane movements and their handling operations
  • Cranes for easy handling and loading sand/gravel into concrete mixers


  • A total of 13 cranes were supplied consisting of double girder EOT cranes, double girder gantry cranes and gantry cranes with grab bucket attachment
  • All the cranes were supplied with anti-sway devices, movement sensors and several other inbuilt safety features
  • synchronization of motors with the help of encoder motors, VFD controller and programming
  • Operator cabins with joystick controllers and monitors for viewing crane operations. Camera feed to centralised location using remote access technology
  • Double girder gantry cranes with grab bucket attachment for easy loading of sand/gravel to concrete mixers


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