Advanced solutions that ensure high storage density, faster storage, precise retrieval and safety ElectroMech has leveraged its competence for providing efficient storage and retrieval solutions. Our stacker cranes are one of the most cost-efficient and simplest systems available for warehousing which save on valuable floor space. These electrically operated cranes avoid air pollution caused by diesel fumes and reduce noise pollution. There is no restriction on the height of shelving, no deration in lifting capacity at higher operating heights and no danger of tipping over. The system is suspended from the top of storage racks and hence, is well supported. It requires narrow aisles which saves valuable floor space. The use of complete available height in the warehouse enhances storage density and adds to the floor space savings. ElectroMech stacker crane solutions are ideal for warehouses and manufacturing stores. In association with Hyster Yale, we provide a range of forklifts and lift trucks. We offer the most comprehensive range of electric and engine powered material handling equipment, including forklifts from 1.5t to 16t capacity, electric powered warehouse equipment such as turret trucks, reach trucks, order pickers and pallet trucks suitable for every warehousing requirement.