Gantry Crane

Gantry cranes are versatile material handling systems used to move and handle heavy loads in the production and manufacturing facilities as well as construction sites. At ElectroMech, we are glad to be recognized as a leading manufacturer of gantry crane solutions. We specialize in designing and engineering customized solutions that meet customer requirements. Our gantry cranes are built to conquer any challenge head-on and can endure any extreme weather and operating conditions. The cranes are developed by an experienced team with excellent domain knowledge and are backed by a nationwide delivery network and genuine spare availability.

In general, gantry cranes are distinguished for their usability, mobility, and stability while handling heavy loads. They are commonly deployed at major construction sites such as metro construction, dams, flyovers, railway bridges, airports and similar construction projects.

Gantry cranes are a primary choice when the current facility can’t handle the wheel load of an overhead crane. Our experts’ help develop and deliver gantry cranes that operate seamlessly even in the most challenging conditions. Apart from choosing the type of girder configurations, our customers have a free hand to customize their solutions further based on their requirements. To know more about our solutions or to get a quote, contact our experts today!

Our types of Gantry cranes:

Single Girder Gantry Crane:

They are known for their versatile operations and cost-effectiveness. Although they are ideal for lighter load applications, they are extensively used in steelyards, mining maintenance, and minor construction projects.

Double Girder Gantry Cranes:

If you are looking for equipment with an exceptional load lifting capacity then our double girder gantry crane is your solution. having worked with various sectors, we have developed the expertise to render such goliath solutions for any outdoor applications.

Semi Gantry Cranes:

Also known as single-leg cranes, they are ideal for facilities with space challenges and confined spaces. Our experts can not only design and engineer semi gantry crane solutions as per customer requirements but they can also make them more productive and efficient with additional accessories.

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