Double Girder Overhead Cranes

If you need a reliable solution against your medium or heavy-duty load handling requirement, then a double girder overhead crane will most likely meet your needs. At ElectroMech, we specialize in the design and manufacture of double girder EOT cranes with a lifting capacity exceeding 300 tones and a span of more than 40 meters. Each of the cranes that we offer are made-to-order, as such, can be designed to match individual client requirements. Additionally, we offer our clients an option to enhance their double girder cranes with unique features required for their application. For more details about our double girder manufacturing service or to receive a customized quote against your requirement, get in touch with our team today!

Understanding Double Girder Overhead Cranes

Double girder EOT cranes are simply a bridge crane with a hook attached to it. They are widely used for indoor or outdoor fixed cross inter-cropping handling and transport work that is conducted over moderate to big spans. They are designed to operate at high levels of intensity and can take the stress out of processes and thereby guarantee increased productivity. At ElectroMech, we provide double girder cranes as either one or two hoist units; they can be used to carry out either dual hoist or single point lifting operations. Additionally, they can be designed for either ground operations, remote operation, and or through the driver’s cabin, as per specific client requirements.

What We Offer

ElectroMech’s range of double girder overhead cranes is characterized by their big span, large lifting capacity, and high lifting height. We can customize our deliverables to match the requirements of various industries including, machinery manufacturing, petroleum, petrochemical, civil aviation, construction, warehouses, steel manufacturing, general & heavy engineering, automobile, and many more. Listed are some of the core features of ElectroMech’s double girder EOT cranes:

– Simple and compact structure: box girder with electric hoist.
– Numerous modes of operation: wireless control, wired pendant control, or through operator cabin.
– Equipped with multiple safety features
– Can be customized to suit different customer requirements.
– Efficient after-sales support.