Electric Hoist Manufacturer and Supplier

ElectroMech is an established hoist crane manufacturer and supplier in Dubai that offers products suited to various heavy lifting and material handling needs. We specialize in manufacturing wire rope hoist and chain hoists that meet international specifications and safety guidelines. As one of the most recognized hoist manufacturers in the Middle East, we not only manufacture and supply products as per client specifications but we also stock spare parts needed for repair and maintenance. We also consult with our customers and advise on how to get the most out of their hoists.

As mentioned, our electric hoists can maneuver heavy materials as desired. Our hoists are suitable for construction sites, factories, warehouses, refineries, petrochemical industries, shipping docks, and any environment that has heavy lifting requirements. Our range of hoist slings are safe to use and can complete the task at hand in a fraction of the time than what it would take with similar products on the market. Our goal as hoist manufacturers is to provide safe, efficient, and robust material handling solutions against challenges faced by our clients for heavy lifting. For more information about the hoists that we offer, get in touch with our team today!

Our Range of Industrial Hoists

Explosion Protected Wire Rope Hoists and Winches

Wire rope hoists can accommodate application right from 1tons to loads exceeding 50 tons. The selection of the Ex proof hoists & winches is based on its zone classification & temperature class. ElectroMech provides highest degree of safety & flexibility to accommodate customer requirements for various challenges by using components from Stahl GmbH. These hoists & winches can be provided with ATEX certification for specific customer demands.

Explosion Proof Chain Hoists

Chain hoists are the easiest to operate material handling products. The hoists need to be selected based on inputs from customer such as zone classification, temperature class & gas group. They are compact and durable. The chain hoists cater to requirements for lifting loads up to 5 tons in motorized option & up to 10 ton in manual option. These chain hoist can also be provided with ATEX certification as per customer requirements.

Advantages of Explosion Proof Electric Hoists

Since electric hoists are long-term investments, it is advisable to consult with your hoist supplier and ensure that the one you purchase is explosion-proof. Not all hoists have this feature, but an explosion-proof electric hoist offers better value for money for all the advantages it bears. These include:

  • Explosion-proof hoists are manufactured by adhering to set guidelines for this grade of machinery.
  • All ex proof hoists are manufactured according to the adherence for the zone classification, temperature class & gas groups, as per the client’s application.
  • Our hoists are sturdy, takes up less space but can accommodate large capacity loads.
  • After purchase, they are simple to maintain, and spare parts are readily available.
  • They are efficient and safe to use.
  • All movable parts are made from materials that do not spark, which improves their non-explosive ability.