Overhead Travelling Cranes

Overhead bridge cranes are commonly used in production facilities for material movement in a factory or its yard. At ElectroMech, we are proud to be recognized as UAE’s leading overhead EOT crane manufacturer and supplier. Our Overhead travelling crane solutions are designed to lift and lower loads for a multitude of applications spanning across different industries. Our experienced team strives to ensure that all your crane and heavy lifting requirements are met, right from the concept development, application engineering, designing, manufacturing, installation, and after-sales service.

Apart from being a specialized overhead crane company, ElectroMech also manufactures and supplies transfer trolleys, monorail systems, and X-Y rail as per customer requirements. For any project that we undertake at ElectroMech, we are committed to rendering a unique lifting solution that is safe, reliable, and capable of enhancing the efficiency for the customer. To learn more about our overhead crane manufacturing services, or to receive a customized quote, get in touch with our team today!

What are Overhead Bridge Cranes?

Overhead traveling cranes, as the name suggests, runs on an elevated pathway known as runaway beams (or gantry girders) along the length of a factory shed. Overhead Bridge Cranes offer highest area coverage across the entire factory shed as compared to any other material handling equipment. Available in various capacities & configurations, overhead cranes provide enhanced safety while handling heavy loads, as compared to the other available solutions.

EOT cranes, short for Electric Overhead Traveling cranes, are one of the most popular types of material handling equipment. Crane as a product is highly flexible and can be deployed for multiple material handling challenges.

Our Range of Overhead Traveling Cranes

Double Girder Cranes

Double girder overhead cranes are lifting solutions designed to move medium to heavy loads. It achieves a maximum load capacity in excess of 300 tons. The double girder cranes offer great stability while handling longer & larger sized loads.

Single Girder Cranes

The single girder crane ensures optimal movement of material even in facilities with lower heights. Thanks to the key design of the crane girder mountings, each crane can be adjusted to reduce headroom while still maintaining the highest hook position.

Underslung Cranes

The underslung cranes are ideal to use in facilities with complex building conditions. They can easily be fitted onto the ceiling, thereby achieving optimal results even in tight and challenging spaces.

Wall Travelling Cranes

As the name suggests, these wall-mounted cranes offer lateral equipment movement in a facility. The cranes typically have a cantilever arm and are supported only at one end These cranes are ideal to use for lifting lighter loads in assembly stations. One would find these cranes usually in two tier mechanism, mounted one level below larger overhead EOT cranes