Single Girder Overhead Cranes

A single girder overhead crane is a type of lightweight material handling equipment that is commonly used within production and engineering facilities. As one of the leading manufacturers of single girder EOT cranes in the UAE, we specialize in designing cranes with convenience and safety in mind. Our cranes are offered in standard configurations as well as custom-built specifications. The size and load-bearing capacity can be adapted to specific lifting requirements of our customers.

Our selection of bespoke single girder overhead cranes is ideal for lifting requirements as light as 250kg or 15T and up to 30 meters span. Additionally, we design and manufacture our cranes, including the single girder hoist with adequate safety guidelines in mind, and our products can be designed to match the requirements of both new and existing buildings. To learn about our service or to schedule an appointment with our consultants, contact us today!

Understanding Single Girder Overhead Cranes

As suggested by its name, these cranes consist of a single girder beam that is supported by an end truck on both ends. Available in both top running and under running crane designs, they are usually fitted with underhung hoists or trolleys. We here at ElectroMech, specialize in the design and manufacture of single girder cranes against low to moderate load lifting requirements. Additionally, our cranes are available in either beam or box designs and can be customized as per the space available within the manufacturing facility.

What We Offer

At ElectroMech, we specialize in manufacturing long-span single girder cranes with a castellated girder structure. Unlike double girder cranes, single girder hoist cranes are built using fewer materials and, as such is compact and lightweight. Additionally, their lightweight construct also helps in minimizing the impact of wind on outdoor duty cranes. We conduct finite element analysis (FEA) to optimize the natural frequency and design a robust structure that guarantees smooth crane operation. Based on individual client requirements, we can design our cranes with either electric wire rope hoists, low headroom hoists, or chain hoists, as the case may be.

Backed by a team of highly experienced industry professionals, we have a credible track record of servicing the requirements of numerous small and large manufacturing facilities and warehouses within the UAE.