Spreader Beam

Spreader beam is below-the-hook lifting device. It stabilises and supports a bulky and heavy load while lifting. With the use of spreader beams, load of a lift gets distributed across two or more points. This increases stability and decreases the load applied during overhead lifting. A spreader beam converts lifting loads into compression force in the beam and tensile force in the slings. Eventually, this distributes the lifting load across slings which, in turn, are connected to a hook of a lifting device.

ElectroMech Spreader Beams provide optimum solutions for all lifting requirements across the industry spectrum with specialised products for the Oil & Gas sectors. Our spreader beams are custom-engineered, manufactured in our state-of-the-art factory and subjected to rigorous tests. Spreader beams from ElectroMech are available in different capacities up to 300t and are subjected to stringent quality norms while adhering to different standards.