A complete solution with specialised lifting tackles, synchronised handling and anti-collision device.

About Sheela Foam Ltd.

Sheela Foam Ltd. is the leader in Polyurethane (PU) Foam manufacturing in India. With winning brands like Sleepwell, Feather Foam and Lamiflex, Sheela Foam is secure in its market leadership. It has manufacturing facilities across the country, with the Greater Noida plant being one of the oldest manufacturing units.

Handling challenges

Sheela Foam needed a material handling partner that could address their requirement for a customised crane to handle large foam blocks. The only challenge was to find a crane manufacturer with a capability of designing or manufacturing a crane with a span as large as half a football field!

When Sheela Foam approached ElectroMech for a material handling solution, it had just begun reconstruction at its Greater Noida unit due to a fire that had gutted down the entire preexisting facility.

The cranes were to be commissioned at a new structure that was being developed. The new structure had a clear span of about 60m. The Sheela Foam team found it challenging to identify a competent solution provider to meet this unique requirement. When they came to know about ElectroMech's capability to provide customised solutions to address challenging requirements, they wasted no time in approaching us.

Solutions from ElectroMech

ElectroMech’s technical team carried out a detailed study of the upcoming new structure and analysed production volumes. Post a detailed analysis, our team inferred that Sheela Foam’s material handling requirement would be best met by double girder gantry cranes.

It was recommended that Sheela Foam opt for two nos. of double girder gantry cranes instead of an EOT (similar to the older existing crane). This option would not only be the perfect solution, but would also lessen the load on the upcoming structure. The double girder gantry cranes would also significantly reduce project costs by avoiding the need to reinforce the new structure, and being a more cost-effective solution in the long term.

These cranes are equipped with four fixed crabs without any traverse motions and mounted atop the two 30t (7.5 x 4 nos) double girder gantry cranes with 54.6m span and 9m height of lift. The cranes are mainly used for stacking and handling 52m long foam blocks through specialised lifting tackles.

The complete solution from ElectroMech features:

  • Two customised cranes of SWL of 30t each, with a span of 54.6m and height of lift of 9m for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Ability of cranes to be used in tandem with safety features that prevent collision
  • Addressing the customer specification of a closed loop solution, that is, in case one hook fails due to some unforeseen reason, the other three also stop working
  • Meeting the requirement that in case one hoist fails, there is a provision of a manual chain hoist as a standby arrangement
  • Providing power supply given through external control panels for the lifting tackles which are placed between two hoists. This allows the tackles to function manually in case of power failure.

Sheela Foam is extremely happy with the performance of the cranes, and has also placed an order for its plant in Gujarat.

Inbuilt safety features

  • Load limiters which prevent loading more than the rated capacity
  • Tandem operations of the four fixed crabs
  • Anti-collision feature between two cranes
  • Alarm for long travel
  • Synchronised motion for all hooks to be brought in at one level for the loads to be picked up and the load limiters to be activated
  • Manual chain hoists for continued production, if required

Total number of cranes: 2

Sr. no. Type SWL Span Height Of Lift Application
1 DG EOT 7.5t x 4 54.60m 9.00m Throughout the length of the warehouse


  • Designing and manufacturing cranes with span as long as 54.6m
  • Minimum end clearance so that floor space can be optimally utilised
  • Provision for synchronised movement of cranes, in case required
  • Tandem operation of all four fixed crabs


  • Optimal solution which needed no reinforcement or modifications to the building structure
  • Customised cranes with 54.6m long span, which were built to meet the customer's requirement
  • Time-bound and quick delivery with short turnaround time
  • Faster installation and reliable on-time services
  • All ElectroMech cranes have specific safety features which ensure operator and production safety
  • Solutions which perfectly address requirements and overcome space constraints


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