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As a specialist in EOT crane manufacturing, we here at ElectroMech Saudi offers Double Girder EOT Cranes that are rugged in construction and having a wide range of safe working loads and applications. With SWLs ranging from 1t to loads exceeding 300t, our cranes incorporate either Street branded machinery & components, or are fully customized open winch type cranes. These fully customized double girder EOT cranes are suitable for variety duty cycles for a large range of spans, heights of lift, and customized speeds. Additionally, these cranes are provided with multiple hoisting trolleys running on the same bridge or auxiliary hoisting mechanisms on the main trolley.

To learn in detail about the double girder overhead cranes we manufacture or to receive a customized quote, get in touch with us today!

What is a Double Girder Overhead Crane

Double Girder EOT cranes are material handling systems used to carry medium and heavy duty loads in safe and precise manner. It consists of two or more overhead runways fixed into the building’s support structure, with the bridge running between the runways for the width of the crane bay. End trucks are located at the ends of each girder and the girder moves along the length of the runaways as single unit using a hoist that moves forward and backward. One of the main advantages offered by this type of overhead crane is that there is no limit on both the maximum span and also the lifting capacity.

Here at ElectroMech Saudi we offer, Double girder overhead travelling cranes with numerous additional features that can help increase day-to-day productivity and safety.

Why Choose Us

From weight capacity, span, and classification to hook height, hook approach, and installation, there are number of factors that one needs to consider while buying double girder cranes. As mentioned, here at, ElectroMech Saudi we offer both custom & standard double girder overhead cranes, gantry cranes, hoists, and crane components. Apart from the crane itself, we also several optional extras such as remote control access, walkways, and floodlights.