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Electric Chain Hoist Manufacturer and Supplier

ElectroMech is one of the largest suppliers of electric chain hoists and winches in Saudi Arabia. As an exclusive partner of Street Crane UK and with more than four decades of industry experience, we offer a great selection of high-quality heavy duty electric chain hoists at competitive prices. Electric chain hoists are a piece of heavy-duty machinery that are used to lift heavy objects vertically. It is commonly used in construction, manufacturing, and shipping industries to lift and move heavy objects from one place to another. Overhead electric hoists are perfect for fast-paced environments such as warehouses and factories, as they can be quickly installed within a narrow space.

As suggested by its name itself, they are powered by electricity and comes with a continuous loop of chain with a hook at the end. The power cable is attached to the hook on one end and the load is attached to the other hook. The cable will then wrap around a drum which rotates as it moves up or down, pulling the load with it. To know more about the electric chain hoists we offer, get in touch with us today!


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 Street LX chain hoist

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