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Jib Crane Manufacturer and Supplier

In search of a reliable jib crane supplier who can cater to your business’s needs in Saudi Arabia? If yes, then we here at ElectroMech Saudi can help! As Street Crane UK’s official partner in Saudi Arabia, we are capable of delivering jib cranes of any size and any capacity. Our selection of jib cranes includes wall mounted jib cranes, travelling jibs, and much more, all of which are made available at highly competitive prices. Apart from providing cranes of the highest quality, we can also customize the same as per your requirement and each machinery comes with a warranty as well. To receive a customized quote against your requirement, reach out us today!

Understanding Jib Cranes

A jib crane is a type of construction crane that hangs from a beam, called a jib, and extends out over the ground. A jib crane’s arm extends horizontally over the ground and is supported by the jib, which is in turn supported by an A-frame on either side of the beam. The arm may be vertical so it hangs down past the beam. It is commonly used to move heavy construction equipment and related machinery within the construction site. Jib cranes are also used in shipyards where they are primarily tasked with lifting vessels out of the water.

Listed are some of benefits of Jib cranes over its counterparts:
1) A jib crane can be pre-assembled onto a site before being put into use, which saves on time and money on the construction site.
2) The jib crane turns easily which is beneficial when it needs to carry out precise movements while carrying materials.
3) The long reach of the jib crane provides a wider range of movement than other more compact cranes do, which is useful when accessing hard-to-reach.

To know more about the crane or to receive a customized quote against your requirement, send us an inquiry today!