Semi gantry cranes

A semi gantry crane consists of a crane mechanism that includes a trolley, hoist, and a bridge. Unlike a gantry crane, this setup doesn’t require runway support on both sides. One end carriage of a semi gantry crane travels on the regular gantry rail while the opposite end-carriage travels on a rail mounted on the ground or at a lower elevation. Many call them a combination of an EOT and a gantry crane that can be installed both indoors and outdoors.

Our innovatively crafted semi gantry cranes are particularly useful to give an extensive cover of the floor space. They can be installed below a pre-existing EOT to enhance work efficiency without interfering with its operations. Applications such as a tool room where part utilisation of the bay is required or at outdoor sites where a gantry rail can be installed on the side of an existing structure make excellent use of ElectroMech semi gantry cranes.

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