A double-girder semi-gantry crane consists of a crane mechanism that includes a trolley, hoist, and bridge. Unlike a gantry crane, this setup doesn’t require runway support on both sides. Instead, one end carriage of a semi-gantry crane travels on the regular gantry rail, while the opposite end-carriage travels on a rail mounted on the ground or at a lower elevation. Many call them a combination of an EOT and a gantry crane that can be installed indoors and outdoors.

Our innovatively crafted semi-gantry cranes are particularly useful to give an extensive cover of the floor space. They can be installed below a pre-existing EOT to enhance work efficiency without interfering with its operations. Applications such as a tool room where part utilisation of the bay is required or at outdoor sites where a gantry rail can be installed on the side of an existing structure make excellent use of ElectroMech semi-gantry cranes.

A double-girder semi-gantry crane is used for heavy applications. It has a capacity range starting from (3.2t to 500t) SWL. It has a robust structure with several inbuilt features. A double-girder semi-gantry crane is useful when the factory support structure is available on one side.

Our Team of experts can design and engineer double-girder semi-gantry crane solutions as per customer requirements and can make them more productive and efficient with additional components.

Technical Specifications

1 Capacity (t) (3.2- 500)
2 Span (m) (3-60)
3 Height of Lift (m) (6-25)
4 Location Indoor & Outdoor
5 Ambient Temperature (Degree Celsius) Upto 50
6 Motions (m/min) Main Hoist Speed - (1-10)
Cross Travel Speed - (5-60)
Long Travel Speed - (5-60)
7 Crane Control Pendant
Radio Remote Control
8 Operator cabin (Open/Closed/AC Cabin)
9 Power Source Shrouded DSL
Cable Reeling Drum
Diesel Generator mounted on the crane

Standard Features

  • icon Limit Switches 
  • icon Under Bridge Lights
  • icon Hooter + Flasher (Indicates Travel Motions )
  • icon Emergency  Limit Switch
  • icon Crane  Anti-collision
  • icon Anemometer (for outdoor cranes)
  • icon VFD – Variable Frequency Drive 
  • icon Drag Chain for Cross traverse motions
  • icon Sealed Bearing lubricated for life
  • icon Energy Efficient Motors
  • icon Human Sensors
  • icon IP 55 protection for all motors & Panels
  • icon Steel Core Wire Ropes
  • icon Canopy Available

Optional Features

  • icon EMote for remote monitoring of crane
  • icon Load Indicator with or without display
  • icon Load Summation
  • icon Crane synchronisation for tandem operation
  • icon Two or more hoists on same girder with/without synchronisation
  • icon Overhang on either sides with auxiliary hoist/s
  • icon Anti Sway/ Sway Control Systems
  • icon Under Bridge Light
  • icon Cross Pulling Sensors
  • icon Automation for target Positioning
  • icon Zone Protection 
  • icon Slack Protection
  • icon Enhanced Speed Range Availiable
  • icon Access Platforms
  • icon Adjustable span
  • icon Adjustable height
  • icon Access ladders/ staircase
  • icon Special wheels which does not require guide rails obstructing shop-floor movement


  • Safe & Smooth operation with several inbuilt features
  • Robust construction suitable for outdoor applications
  • Robust design ensuring long service intervals
  • Easy access to all major components for ease of servicing 
  • Best in class performance
  • Compact Design
  • Proven reliability
  • Higher Space Utilisation in work area
  • Maintaienence Free sealed bearing
  • Preferred Indoor when the load bearing capacity of the shed is limited
  • Useful when factory support structure is available only on one side

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