If you are looking for equipment with an exceptional load-lifting capacity, look no further than our Double Girder Gantry Cranes. Having worked with various sectors, we have developed the expertise to render goliath solutions for outdoor applications. Double Girder variants of Gantry cranes are versatile material handling systems for moving and handling heavy loads in production and manufacturing facilities and construction sites.

In general, gantry cranes are distinguished for their usability, mobility, and stability while handling heavy loads. As a result, they are commonly deployed at major construction sites such as metro construction, dams, flyovers, railway bridges, airports, and similar construction projects.

At ElectroMech, we are glad to be recognized as a leading manufacturer of double girder gantry crane solutions. We specialize in designing and engineering customized solutions that meet customer requirements. Our gantry or goliath cranes are built to take on any challenge head-on and withstand extreme weather and operating conditions. These gantry cranes are developed by an experienced team with excellent domain knowledge and are backed by a nationwide delivery network and genuine spare availability.

Double girder gantry cranes are a primary choice when the current facility can’t handle the wheel load of an overhead crane. Our experts help develop and deliver gantry cranes that operate seamlessly, even in the most challenging conditions. Apart from choosing the type of girder configurations, our customers can customize their solutions further based on their requirements.

Technical Specifications

1 Capacity (t) (3.2- 500)
2 Span (m) (3-60)
3 Height of Lift below floor (m)
Height of Lift above floor (m)
4 Location Indoor & Outdoor
5 Ambient Temperature (Degree Celsius) Upto 50
6 Motions (m/min) Main Hoist Speed - (1-10)
Cross Travel Speed - (5-60)
Long Travel Speed - (5-60)
7 Crane Control Pendant
Radio Remote Control
8 Operator cabin (Open/Closed/AC Cabin)
9 Power Source Shrouded DSL
Cable Reeling Drum
Diesel Generator mounted on the crane

Standard Features

  • icon Limit Switches 
  • icon Under Bridge Lights
  • icon Hooter + Flasher (Indicates Travel Motions )
  • icon Emergency  Limit Switch
  • icon Crane  Anti-collision
  • icon Anemometer (for outdoor cranes)
  • icon VFD – Variable Frequency Drive 
  • icon Drag Chain for Cross traverse motions
  • icon Sealed Bearing lubricated for life
  • icon Energy Efficient Motors
  • icon Human Sensors
  • icon IP 55 protection for all motors & Panels
  • icon Steel Core Wire Ropes
  • icon Canopy Available

Optional Features

  • icon EMote for remote monitoring of crane
  • icon Load Indicator with or without display
  • icon Load Summation
  • icon Crane synchronisation for tandem operation
  • icon Two or more hoists on same girder with/without synchronisation
  • icon Overhang on either sides 
  • icon Anti Sway/ Sway Control Systems
  • icon Under Bridge Light
  • icon Cross Pulling Sensors
  • icon Automation for target Positioning
  • icon Zone Protection 
  • icon Slack Protection
  • icon Enhanced Speed Range Availiable
  • icon Access Platforms
  • icon Adjustable span
  • icon Adjustable height
  • icon Access ladders/ staircase


  • Safe & Smooth operation with several inbuilt features
  • Robust construction suitable for outdoor applications
  • Robust design ensuring long service intervals
  • Easy access to all major components for ease of servicing 
  • Best in class performance
  • Compact Design
  • Proven reliability
  • Higher Space Utilisation in work area
  • Maintaienence Free sealed bearing
  • Preferred Indoor when the load bearing capacity of the shed is limited