The single girder variant of the rubber tyred gantry crane is designed and engineered to be flexible and operational in both indoor and outdoor applications. The indigenously developed, fully electric, and steerable RTG works efficiently on all gradients. They offer a load lifting capacity of up to 32t, with a lift height range of up to 10m. Suitable for outdoor applications, they can withstand extreme weather and operating conditions. In addition, they are incredibly mobile, can be remotely controlled, and can be equipped with intelligent features as per requirements.

Technical Specifications

1 Capacity (t) (5 - 32)
2 Span (m) (6 - 10)
3 Height of Lift (m) (6 - 10)
4 Location Indoor & Outdoor
5 Ambient Temperature (Degree Celsius) Upto 50
6 Motions Using VFD (m/min) Main Hoist Speed (2 - 3)
Cross Travel Speed (10 - 15)
Long Travel Speed (25 - 40)
7 Operation Control Radio Remote Control
8 Power Source Diesel Generator Mounted on Crane
9 Steering Two Wheel Steering (2WS)
10 Gradability Up to 5%
11 Tyre Pneumatic tubeless tyres

Standard Features

  • icon Travel warning alarms (4nos)
  • icon "Emergency Stop" button at each corner
  • icon Fire Extinguisher
  • icon Jacking provision for tyre removal

Optional Features

  • icon Operator Cabin control
  • icon Battery-Powered crane
  • icon EMote for remote monitoring of crane
  • icon Load indicator
  • icon Customised span & height
  • icon Four Wheel Steering (4WS)


  • Gradability- up to 5%
  • Intact Floor- Constant pressure on floor irrespective of load lifted
  • Versatility – Capability to work on various surfaces
  • Portability- Can be easily disassembled and transported
  • Low-Cost Ownership- Low maintenance, high uptime, high productivity, low expense on infrastructure
  • Electrically Driven- No hydraulics involved
  • High Safety- Safe handling of Long, Heavy & Odd -Shaped items
  • Reliability- Proven Technology equipment from ElectroMech with assured service support
  • Flexibility- Can be operated on uneven surfaces
  • Robust Structure- Designed for dynamic loads

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