Optimum utilisation of space by value and floor area is critical whether it is your warehouse or a manufacturing facility. This is particularly pertinent in metros, with the spiralling cost of land and construction or an existing facility with limited space availability.

Indigenously designed and manufactured by ElectroMech, stacker crane is a combination of an EOT crane and forklift. These systems offer several operational advantages in e.g narrow aisles as compared to the space required by a forklift to manoeuvre. The stacker crane is supported by the racks without needing additional structures. Being electrically operated, the emission of harmful exhaust fumes is avoided. Further, there is no downtime required to charge batteries. The structure of the system with a crane mounted on the racks is inherently safe with no danger of tipping over.

ElectroMech’s stacker crane is the solution of choice for swift retrieval and stocking where large volumes of raw material, components or finished goods are stored. These cranes can be customised to your requirement for optimum space utilisation and efficient warehousing operations.

Technical Specifications

1 Capacity (t) (1-10)
2 Span (m) (5-25)
3 Height of Lift (m) (0-15)
4 Location Indoor & Outdoor
5 Ambient Temperature (Degree Celsius) Upto 50
6 Motions (m/min) Main Hoist Speed (1 - 5)
Cross Travel Speed (5-40)
Long Travel Speed (5-50)
7 Long Travel Speed (m/min) (5-50)Crane Control Radio Remote Control
8 Power Source Shrouded DSL

Standard Features

  • icon Limit Switches
  • icon Under Bridge Lights
  • icon Hooter + Flasher (Indicate Travel Motions)
  • icon Emergency Switch
  • icon Crane Anti-collision

Optional Features

  • icon Human Sensors
  • icon Emote for remote monitoring of equipments
  • icon Load Indicator
  • icon Customised Span & Height
  • icon Automation


  • Highly Robust
  • Robust Design
  • Better Floor & Height space utilisation
  • Monitoring & Tracking of Materials
  • Solution based approach
  • Automated storage & retrieval of Pallets as an option

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