Steel and Metals

Trusted solutions that provide safe, durable and reliable performance

High ambient temperatures, oversized heavy loads, recurrent operations, precision requirements, and safety are of utmost concern while designing material handling solutions for the steel and metal sector. ElectroMech is well known in the sector for its innovative solutions which reduce execution time, save on project cost and enhance work efficiency.

Some examples of our solutions include a large rotating mechanism mounted on a double girder crane to safely handle and rotate large and heavy plates up to 270° C with higher precision and speed. Two winches on one double girder crane which work in tandem, can easily lift larger plates and allow higher utilisation of the shop-floor.

In association with Taim Weser, we offer application specific cranes and high capacity liquid metal handling cranes for steels and metals sector, special purpose cranes for non-ferrous applications, coker cranes for refineries etc.