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About Bajaj Auto Ltd.

Bajaj Group is among the top 10 business houses in India. Founded in 1926, Bajaj Auto Ltd. is a flagship company of the Bajaj Group and the fourth largest two and three wheeler manufacturer in the world. It is one of the most renowned brands for two and three wheelers across India, Latin America, Africa and the Middle East, with manufacturing plants at Pune, Aurangabad and Pantnagar. Bajaj Auto has plans to venture into the four wheeler market and aims to be a leading player. The R&D facility and the manufacturing unit for its new four wheeler division are located at Waluj in Aurangabad.

Read about how ElectroMech cranes were used to integrate the material handling requirement in the press shop of an automobile manufacturer. Carefully planned, three EOT cranes are used to handle dies and finished products, while ensuring optimum space utilisation.

For Bajaj Auto’s new four wheeler manufactur ing plant in Waluj, ElectroMech’s track record in providing competent solutions across the automotive industry made us the obvious choice for their press shop cranes. ElectroMech cranes ensure safe and efficient handling of dies, ensuring quicker die changes. Careful planning of the three cranes, along with a unique die tilting arrangement, enable the press shop to meet the desired production volumes with ease.

The handling challenges at Bajaj Auto Ltd.

Bajaj Auto approached us to design a handling system for the press shop of its new four wheeler division. In this plant, hydraulic presses ranging from 400T to 1200T are arranged in parallel rows, which require large and heavy dies to be loaded and unloaded very frequently during the shift.

Additionally, the bay perpendicular to the rows of presses is used for maintenance and storage of dies as well as for the finishing of moulded parts. This bay has a gantry girder support only on one side, while the other side faces the open press shop bay.

The challenge was to design a handling solution that allowed optimum space utilisation by covering the maximum possible shop floor area of both bays. Another critical requirement of the solution to be offered was one that is common across almost every heavy duty press shop - die tilting. This is required for ease of loading/unloading and maintenance of dies. Bajaj Auto expected our cranes to be sufficiently equipped to address this requirement as well.

Solutions from ElectroMech

After carefully studying the material flow in the press shop and assessing future requirements, Team ElectroMech recommended the use of three cranes. Two of these would be Double Girder EOT cranes and one would be a Double Girder Semi-Gantry crane. They were planned and designed to cover the entire space in two perpendicularly adjacent bays of the press shop.

Each of the bays where the press machines operate has a 35/10MT, 21.3m span, 18m (13 m above ground + 5 m below ground) height of lift, Double Girder crane installed. These cranes are primarily used for loading and unloading of dies and are operated continuously and rigorously for die handling as well as tilting. The 35MT main hoist is used to handle the die whereas the 10MT auxiliary hoist assists in tilting the die through 1800 . These cranes will also be used for press maintenance and hence have an additional 5m height of lift below ground to access the foundation of the presses.

The cranes in these two bays have an overlapping long traverse path and there was a danger of them colliding with each other during operations. This hazard was completely eliminated by fitting anti-collision devices for both the cranes. Thus, a high level of inherent safety is ensured.

The solution designed for die tilting and maintenance operation in the bay perpendicular to the main press shop is a 20/10MT, 8.8m span Semi-gantry crane. This crane is used for storage and maintenance of dies and for handling of finished products. To ensure maximum space utilisation and coverage of the shop floor, one end of the crane is mounted on the existing overhead gantry girder and the legs on the other side run on floor mounted rails.

How Bajaj Auto benefitted from ElectroMech solution

  • Safe handling of precious dies
  • Almost every cubic metre of space covered ensuring optimum space utilisation
  • Unique die tilting arrangement allows easy manipulation of dies
  • Easy loading and unloading means faster die changing which reduces idling of presses
  • Higher press shop productivity
  • Uninterrupted production due to fail-safe design of cranes


  • Continuous loading & unloading of dies on presses
  • Die tilting mechanism was essential
  • Cranes were to be installed in perpendicular bays
  • Maximum space utilisation was to be ensured


  • Two 35/10MT, 21.3m span & 18m height of lift cranes for loading and unloading of dies on press machines
  • Semi-gantry crane of 20/10MT, 8.8m span for operation in a perpendicular bay and maintenance of dies
  • Die tilting achieved through auxiliary hoist provided on every crane


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