What is a Pneumatic Hoist and How do they Work?

A hoist is the most important tool used in handling, lifting, loading, unloading and moving heavy objects in different industries, ports and workshops. They are an ancient mechanism that allows minimizing the effort and the physical exertion necessary to carry out these operations.

But first, let’s understand what exactly is a hoist.

What is a Hoist?

A hoist is a mechanism that is used to handle, lift and move a load by applying less force than the weight that is to be moved. The loads are lifted and lowered with the help of a drum or a lift wheel wrapped with a rope or chain as a lifting medium. Further, based on the motor’s source of energy, they get divided into manual, electrical and Pneumatic Hoists.

They usually come attached with a lifting hook to the rotating arm. The smaller hoists can be operated by hand, but the heavier hoists are electrical and are powered and boosted by motors.

What is a Pneumatic Hoist?

Pneumatic or air hoist makes use of compressed air to facilitate the lifting of heavy loads. They are widely used in industrial and commercial workshops.

Benefits of a Pneumatic Hoist

  • Pneumatic hoists deliver continuous performance without any breaks. Such a 100% duty cycle and the pace at which it operates make them ideal for assembly lines especially associated with the automotive industry.
  • Compared to an Electric Hoist, pneumatic hoists produce a minimal amount of heat as the motors run on compressed air. Like their electric counterparts, pneumatic hoists don’t burn out due to heat and risk a breakdown.
  • They are widely found operating on assembly lines and warehouses as the compressed air required to run its motor is readily available in the market.
  • Workshops that require continuous heavy lifting of objects prefer Pneumatic Hoists as they help reduce the burden on the workforce and improve the overall efficiency of the shop floor.
  • Although pneumatic hoists cost more than their alternatives, they handle much more heavy-duty lifting and hauling compared to them.

Why ElectroMech?

ElectroMech offers you both hydraulic and Pneumatic Hoists in association with J D Neuhaus, Germany – a global leader in manufacturing crane solutions for extreme challenges. Our pneumatic hoists are lightweight with low headroom and are engineered for frequent switching and continuous performance. They remain unfazed by dust, humidity, extreme weather conditions, and temperature fluctuations, making them easy to operate and maintain even in aggressive applications such as galvanising, where cranes are exposed to extremely hot and acidic vapours.

Our Pneumatic hoists are not only easy to operate and maintain but are extremely useful in high-decibel operations and need no lubrication, making them an ideal component of your lifting solution.

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